Would you ever go near the beach at noon??? We DID! It was only to experience ‘Tarik Kisar’ at the beach of Tanjung Sepat!

We’ve fallen in love with it after our first try. Let me tell you why…

Before reaching GanoFarm, we didn’t really know how ‘Tarik Kisar’ would be carried out, because the editor didn’t elaborate much on it. The only information I had, was the spot is very nearby GanoFarm, more specifically, it’s just behind GanoFarm Homestay.

A wooden bridge with a covered shack came into my sight. I thought we’re going to walk on the bridge, and a boat would be waiting for us at the end. However, the sea seemed to be at low tide, and the water level was way too far from the bridge. And then, we were informed that we had to walk under the bridge, and all the way to where the water was. Therefore we left our sneakers at the shack and started walking.

Walking on the mud wasn’t that easy as you thought. The mud got soggy and soft as it’s nearer to the shore. Also, lots of tiny crabs were crawling on the mud surface, and every step must be watched, if not, you’d step on either the crabs or seashells.




Walking on the muddy ground, I felt a bit like having a foot spa… As we walked past, our footprints were imprinted clearly on the mud.







We finally reached the shore. The editor’s friends were pulling the fishing net back to the shore, and we were just in time to check through the net. What we had got…










Surprisingly, we didn’t find big fish. After removing the dried leaves, we found some leaping shrimps and different sorts of fish, I couldn’t really name it, because I’m totally not familiar with fish species.

The gang dropped the fishnet 3 times, and eventually our rewards were all in this bucket.





The whole activity was about dropping and pulling the fishing net, but we were still thrilled and had so much fun, because we got to see everything first-hand, that’s the more precious bit…