With the blessing of our unique plantation, creating natural fungus-based health products has since become the original intention so that mankind shall be able to restore the healthiest lifestyle from consumable fungus.

GANOFARM GROUP is aimed to become the prominent leader in the mushroom industry. We are proud to unite our elites and talents who are adhered to the concept of strengthening technological innovation. We strive to meet consumers’ high expectations by producing high-quality fungus based products with pride.


To continuously provide superior quality nutraceutical products through state of the art, innovations and solutions, helping mankind to improve health through eating mushrooms.


To be a leading Malaysian based mushroom research company that cultivates, develops, manufactures and markets edible and medicinal mushrooms together with a wide range of mushroom-based products to promote healthy lifestyle.


Strive to become a company with the most brand value trusted by consumers.


GANOFARM GROUP is an environmentally sustainable business which operations also benefit human life as well as the community and economy of the country.


We began our journey in 1986 where ‘growing mushrooms’ got into a frenzy during that time. VITA AGROTECH SDN BHD supplying fresh edible mushrooms to major retailers like Macro, Carrefour, Giant and Tesco. Our farm is certified ORGANIC. We ensure that the mushrooms are free from pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or fertilizers. Thus, our mushrooms are healthy and safe.

GANOFARM HOMESTAY SDN. BHD. was formed in 2006 to act as the promotional center for healthy natural products. It was moulded as an Agro-Tourism house and place to convey education and training on mushroom cultivation and accommodation for visitors and students. GANOFARM HOMESTAY SDN. BHD. is one of its kind in Malaysia where we conveniently integrate promotion of products, services, education and training, all under one roof. 

GANOFARM SDN. BHD. was incorporated in year 2007 where our focus was on cultivating edible and medicinal mushrooms, developing nutraceutical supplements based on edible and medicinal mushrooms.

In 2013, we established GANOFARM R&D SDN. BHD. to mainly focus on the research and development of mushroom biotechnology health products. Awarded as BioNexus Status Company by Malaysian government. From here we started our GMP with traditional medicine licensing and HACCP and MeSTI  in the production line of food products. We research, develop and manufacture our own health products. Under the control of Malaysian Health Ministry, we produced convenient and efficient mushroom-based healthcare products.  

GANOFARM R&D also established a research laboratory located at Puchong, Selangor  in year 2017. We are conducting mushroom-based research for instance: biotechnology extraction, freeze drying, compound identification and quantification, cell culture analysis as well as mushroom based healthcare product formulation. Our laboratory is a tool for us to study and verify the efficacy of our products through scientific research and publication in international scientific journals. We are also collaborating with local and international universities for mushroom research, students’ development and industry training.

In 2017, we founded GRUSONN WELLNESS SDN. BHD. to focus on communicating, marketing, and distributing mushroom health products and promoting mushroom eating habit, green living via body, mind and spirit concern.