About Us

Our lifetime passion is growing salubrious mushrooms and informing the public of their benefits


To improve human health by continuously and consistently developing superior-quality mushroom-based nutraceutical products through state-of-the-art technology and innovative solutions.


To promote public health by doing more research on pharmaceutical and nutraceutical of cultivated mushroom in Malaysia. We cultivates, develops, research and promote to markets the edible and medicinal mushrooms, with a wide range of mushroom health products.

Our Story

We began our journey in 1986 where ‘growing mushrooms’ got into a frenzy during that time. We were excited with the biotechnology of cultivating mushroom and started to grow mushroom as one of the hobbies. As we were so passionate with the growing of mushroom, we were thinking why not turn it into business? We registered a company called VITA MUSHROOM ENTERPRISE in year 1986 and started selling fresh mushroom in local market. As our business expanding after 10 years of hard work, we upgraded it to VITA AGROTECH SDN. BHD. in 1997 to strengthen the marketing and distribution of Grey and White Oyster mushroom throughout the country, dealing with 40 mushroom houses in a rented land, and supplying to a few major retailers like MACRO, CARREFOUR, GIANT and TESCO.

In fulfilling the demand of fresh mushroom, room for expansion is limited. While understanding the progressive health and wellness consumers are increasing, market trend and demand of health supplements in the market place, we have identified the need of upgrading our business to the next level. GANOFARM SDN. BHD. was incorporated in year 2007 where our focus was on cultivating edible and medicinal mushroom, developing nutraceutical supplements based on edible and medicinal mushroom. GANO FARM HOMESTAY SDN. BHD. was formed at the same timing at the end of 2006 to act as the promotional center for the healthy natural products. It was moulded as an Agro-Tourism house and place to convey education and training on mushroom cultivation and accommodation for visitors and students. GANO FARM HOMESTAY SDN. BHD. is one of its kind in Malaysia where we conveniently integrate promotion of products, services, education and training, all under one roof.

Our company is now one of the leading companies in mushroom cultivation and marketing of fresh mushrooms produced in Malaysia. Through working closely with our strategic partners, our brands are well accepted by consumers in the country.


Committed to Science

Ganofarm maintains a strong commitment to the research and biotechnology science, supporting many university internship and collaboration, in promoting edible and medicinal mushrooms. The company operates an analytical and research laboratory and partners with major local universities to explore the unique health benefits of mushrooms supplements.

In order to produce more novelty mushroom-based nutraceutical products from edible and medicinal mushroom, we have formed a product development unit, sampling counter and sales gallery in our farm. We share in two way communication, as many information as possible through interaction with our valuable consumers and business partners for continuous improvement.

Our History

1986 – Established Vita Mushroom Enterprise.

1997 – Progressed to the incorporation of Vita Agrotech Sdn. Bhd. with 40 farm houses to conduct research on the cultivation of Grey Oyster and White Oyster. Since then, we have been supplying fresh mushrooms to most of the multi-national retailers in the country.

2006 – Ventured into Ganofarm Homestay, one of its kind in Malaysia, where our products and services are integrated under one organisation. We were the first mushroom farm to implement agrotourism in mushroom business where we use this platform to educate the public on the benefits of mushrooms as health food and supplements.

2007 – Proceeded to the incorporation of Ganofarm Sdn. Bhd. to focus on cultivation and research of medicinal mushrooms. We started our research journey together with higher education institution and research institution in Malaysia who has great interest in mushroom research.

2013 – Established Ganofarm R&D Sdn. Bhd. to mainly focus on the research and development of mushroom biotechnology health products. Thus, we maintain a strong commitment to the scientific development of medicinal mushrooms to boost human health. Awarded as BioNexus Status Company by Malaysian government. From here we started our GMP with traditional medicine licensing and HACCP in production line of food products. We research, develop and manufacture our own health products.

2017 – Founded Grusonn Wellness to focus on communicating, marketing, and distributing mushroom health products and promoting mushroom eating habit, green living via body, mind and spirit concern.