Seeking short trip for the family? GanoFarm MUST go!

GanoFarm Homestay provides more than just accommodation, it is also an important Malaysian based mushroom research company that cultivates, researches and develops, manufactures, markets fresh mushrooms and mushroom-based products. Oyster Mushroom, Monkey Head Mushroom, Lingzhi Mushroom, Black Jelly Mushroom, you name it, we have it. For those who are interested in learning more about the mushroom, GanoFarm is the best choice! You can read up quite a lot information about different types of mushrooms in the mushroom viewing and briefing corridor, resting corridor and a mushroom product gallery.

Product Gallery offers an extensive of items made from mushrooms. Of course, besides mushrooms, GanoFarm also sells other local produce from Tanjung Sepat. It’s interesting to learn of the medical values brought about by mushrooms and the extracts of mushrooms can even be incorporated into toiletries products, such as shampoo and soap.

If you visit GanoFarm during the weekend, there will have staff to explain on mushroom cultivation and growing process, food and nutrient for mushroom, and nutritional value of mushrooms and its efficacy. Last but not least, a tip for visitors, mushroom farm of GanoFarm is not open for public during weekdays. However, we’re welcome any educational delegation.

Remember to make an appointment in advance with us if you wish to visit the mushroom farm. Our pleasure to arrange for you.

Contact Us: 6-03-31975600