Contract Manufacturing

Ganofarm R&D also provides product and contract manufacturing services for private labels, including OEM, ODM and OBM. We include a variety of services such as customization of formula for food, beverages, healthcare products and traditional medicines. We ensure all our products and services are of optimal quality. Our manufacturing factories are certified with Bionexus, MeSTi, GMP and HALAL.

Product R&D Formulation

Our professional R&D team is specialise in formulating various type of products, ranging from: 

FOOD: Instant / Ready to Eat Meals, Sauces, Paste, Functional Foods

BEVERAGES: Drinks, Tonic, Essence, Functional Drinks

HEALTHCARE: Supplements, Traditional Medicine


Our certified factories are committed to provide good quality & assurance in productions

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer): Ready Formula for Private Label

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer):  Customized Formula for Private Label

OBM (Original Brand Manufacturer): Ready Product with Our House Brand 

Retort Services: To extend product shelf-life without adding preservative

Extractions and Spray Dry: Plant, herbal and mushrooms extraction process  and spray dry into extract powder

Product Specification

Our manufacturing specifications including:

Food and Beverages: Instant food, Ready to Eat Packs, Liquid & Paste Products

Health Food & Supplements: Powder, Chewable Tablet, Tablet, Capsules

Packing Type: Bottle, Sachet, Pouch, Canister, Jar, Tea Bag


Contract Scientific Research (research facilities/services)

Ganofarm also offers contract scientific research services to prove the product efficacies or pharmacological activities via scientific research, eg. cell culture,  analyse and quantify the active compounds in raw materials or products. Our advanced research facility and services are operated by established professional scientists and Research & Development team. The services vary from raw material analysis, in vitro, in vivo to clinical studies collaboration. This service ensures all products are backed by science.

Biotechnology Extractions, Freeze-drying

Beta Glucan Analysis

Compounds Identification & Quantification

Cell Culture Analysis

Extraction XX

Mushroom Tissue Culture