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SOD Tea With Ganoderma lucidium Extract

SOD Tea With Ganoderma lucidium Extract
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SOD Tea With Ganoderma lucidium Extract

SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) Tea with Ganoderma spp. extract is rich in antioxidants that eliminate free radicals from your body.  SOD tea can prevent skin allergies, aids in digestive system, anti-aging and supports the immune system.

Other uses of SOD Tea includes being a taste enhancers during food preparation and using the residual tea leaf as fertilizers for potted plants. The Japanese people take their baths with this type of tea, believing that by doing so, it can improves their skin complexion. SOD Tea with Ganoderma spp. extract is 100% pure, natural, and free from caffeine, additive, colourant and preservative. Moreover, this product can be consumed by all age groups throughout the day without harm.

SOD Tea contains the following minerals:

     1) Iron(Fe) - Delivers oxygen and energy throughout the body

     2) Potassium(K) - Helps in protein and carbohydrate metabolism

     3) Calcium(Ca) - Builds strong bones and teeth

     4) Copper(Cu) - An anti-oxidant and co-factor in SOD

     5) Zinc(Zu) - Helps to maintain healthy skin and body

     6) Magnesium(Mg)- Involves in the activation of at least 300 enzymes

     7) Fluoride(F) - Necessary for healthy teeth and bones

     8) Manganese(Mn)- A key component of energy metabolism

* 1 box contains 20 tea bags..

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